Monday, August 31, 2009

Adventures of the 2 year old

My daughter is especially rambunctious now that big brother and sister are in school all day. I think she's feeling pretty left out, not a baby, not a big kid at school. She absolutely refuses to attempt to go to the bathroom on the potty, perhaps because she thinks that lets her in on some sort of baby status to still be in diapers? I don't know. But just in case you wanted a glimpse into Beanie world here are a few of the things she's done in the last 3 days:
  • Dance around the house singing about being a princess and getting married when she grows up to be Aunt Carol.
  • Walk into the room and say, "I love you so much mom!"
  • Walk into the room and say, "I don't like Mom and Dad." "Why Beanie?" "Because you get into my face in the middle of the night." I think she was referring to her nighttime visit last evening in which she decided on the H position. The absolute gall. ; )
  • Cut her own hair.
  • Marker a chair.
  • Tell me randomly that she's sorry for past misdeeds "Sorry I markered the dollhouse Mom."
  • Try to steal my ipod.
  • Eat a pack of gum with her older partner in crime and have the GI issues that go along with that.
  • Sing songs to her baby sister, "HI MISS MO!!!!" Read books to her baby sister. Roll her baby sister over and make baby sister cry.
  • Repeat that she wants to go back to "her hotel" and take her "black car" (the rental we had) up north to see Charlotte and Sammy. I think she wants to go back on vacation!

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South Paw said...

I love my goddaughter and she is the perfect 3rd child just like her godmommy:). It's tough being in 3rd place but she will be an amazing person no doubt!