Saturday, August 22, 2009

How quickly we forget....

P. got called into work last night around 1:30am and we haven't seen him since. The kids were all sort of confused as to what was going on. Since we moved south his schedule has been much lighter. (Except for that whole deployment thing!!) More dinners at home, church with us on Sundays, fewer weekend hours. They are sort of confused. The Conqueror kept insisting that Dad would be taking him to get a new tube in his bike when he got home. I kept explaining that he would be too tired, that he'd need a nap etc. and that I would take him. But he kept insisting he would, ending the conversation with, "But you don't know my dad." Oh don't I? I have been around long enough to know the differences between the Dr. Jekyl like "tired P. and rested P" as we jokingly call it. But C is right, P. would take him to the bike store if you asked him, despite being bleary eyed, exhausted and fried. But it is better that we don't ask and just go get it done before he returns, and that's what we'll do.

I too have forgotten that he's practically always on call now. I suspect as the patient base expands this will become more common but for now, I am not used to it! I am not used to praying for patients I will never know at all hours of the night and praying my husband didn't get into a car accident driving in when all the drunks are out. I forget that what P does to support us all is all encompassing in a way that other jobs aren't. Not that I would change things. It is what he does, he's good at it, and he's helping other people who are, as he puts it, usually having the worst day of their lives when he sees them. St. Luke, pray for us!!

Oh and for laughs, Beanie is constantly talking about everyone we saw on vacation. She convinced the marriage garnered her new cousins like Marnie and that her new BFFs are her single aunts and uncles. I overheard her talking on her cellphone (=rectangular block) to Aunt Lizzy and Uncle JoeB, "Oh Hi! I am just talking to you guys!" and when I asked what she was talking about she replied, "Baby Boomers!" Alrighty then! She also keeps insisting she's saved when we talk about Jesus. "I saved! I saved!" Hmmm.....I can't quite get her to say she's redeemed and working on her salvation. ;) But then again, she hasn't reached the age of reason yet either!

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