Thursday, June 4, 2009


We're thankful for-
  • good friends to watch kids in a minor emergency
  • that the Conqueror's arm is not broken so we can continue on with T-ball and swim lessons
  • a nice doctor who comes to check on us after seeing us in the waiting room (b/c we couldn't get into see him)
  • That t-ball practice was cancelled due to bad weather so my exhausted children can be in bed by 7:30pm! : )
  • oh yes and only a few days left!!!!!!!!!!

We spent a few hours in the ER last night only to bail and follow up in clinic this morning. It was actually kind of fun hanging out with just the Conqueror and the baby. I forget how much the kid likes to talk when he's got your ear. He talked to anyone and everyone about his arm, how it happened, how he's got "resistance to pain" (trying to explain his high pain tolerance but kept messing it up). It was funny.


South Paw said...

The Conqueror is so sweet...I miss him. I'm glad his arm is it just sprained?

Kathleen said...

Oh, poor guy!!! What happened?

:o) mg said...

Tell him that your "blog regulars" are very glad he is not injured.
And that we send big hugs his way.