Monday, June 29, 2009

Quotes from the Conqueror...

  • C'mon Biki, get in the car and we can have the buckling race championships!!! (I think its time for a summer sport!!)
  • I told him, "Good night I love you! You're a gift from God!" And he replied, "You are a gift from God too!"
  • Last night at bed he asked, "What is peppermint?" "Peppermint is a type of candy." "No, peppermint disease." "Peppermint disease?" "Yes, peppermint disease, like that lady who Jesus cured in the bible." I immediately recognized the Gospel with the woman cured of a hemorrhage. I explained it was a hemorrhage, not peppermint disease. I think maybe its time to get his ears checked for wax. Upside, at least he was paying attention during mass.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a guy! You M, crack me up with the ear cleaning comment. He WAS listening at Mass as you said but I just can't figure our how he heard peppermint!! We'll never know for sure where it came from. I only know that with that steel trap of a brain he has things are alwayus being processed!! Can't wait to talk with him about all the nature Up North.