Saturday, December 31, 2011

Long overdue Momoisms.

You know they have been coming for some time, but they have just been undocumented. Until now.

Mom, why don't you give the baby to dad. Then I can sit in your lap. That would be awesome!!!!

N.B. There is apparently an awesome dance which dad has witnessed on occasion.

Momo came up and squeezed my girth and asked, "Is dare a baby in there?"
"Nope," I replied, "just fat."
"But," she answered, "dare is a SWIMMING POOL for babies in dare!!!!"
Then she ran off.


"Momo, you need to be good for Jesus."

"For Jesus?" (like she'd just heard of the guy. I must be down on the job.)

"Yes, for Jesus."

"Is he going to babysit for us? "

Because let's face it, she's only good for babysitters.


"Momo, why did you come into our room last night?"

"Because Beanie was making noises."

"What kind of noise?"

"Like a pig! OINK!"

Sister needs some breathe right strips!


:o) mg said...

ahhhh, new postings... like breaths of fresh air! :)

Sara said...

love it. And I love your Coco Chanel quote on the sidebar!! Just noticed that. You are a rad mom