Thursday, February 10, 2011

22 months!

Today Momo is two months from being two, but for all intents and purposes she already acts like a two year old. I should have known after she refused to come out during the first induction attempt that I had a feisty one on my hands!! Her absolute favorite phrase is "I don't know" pronounced with various inflections and sounding more like "I dohn nho". It is her response to pretty much every question.

Momo why were you playing with knives? I dohn nho.
Momo why did you draw on yourself with a sharpie? I dohn nho.
Momo where is your cup? I dohn nho.
Momo why are you so cute? I dohn nho.

(And for the record she was busted by older siblings this week for both playing with knives- which she got from using a chair to climb up on the counter- and sharpies- which she got from getting a chair and climbing up on a desk- all while her mother was off eating bon bons or something.)

Tonight we were doing a lice check because there is yet another infestation at school. (It is called a nit comb people- use it!!!) I checked everyone and she insisted on beign checked. Multiple times. She would cry "Me lice. Me lice! Me lice!" after I stopped in an effort to get me to check her again. Here's to hoping that phrase doesn't start getting used in places like church and the grocery store.

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:o) mg said...

uh oh... and I had JUST stopped itching from the note that was sent home.
Sure wish there was medicine for "ghost lice".