Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Momo-isms: The First Installment

This post is long overdue but I just wanted to chronicle the life and times of Momo, toddler in residence. Momo is a busy, busy little bee. She is into anything and everything. Just last night we were all getting ready to go to the Conqueror's first confession when things got dangerously quiet in my closet of all places. We found her covered in foot powder and she had dumped a half a bottle in one pair of shoes. Ahhhh... life with toddlers. She's talking up quite a storm. She even sings. Her favorite little song is "Happy Jeez" which is, I believe, supposed to be a short form of Happy Birthday Jesus from Christmas time, but I don't know for sure. She'll just walk around singing it. And to balance things out she also walks around the house karate-chopping and saying "Hi-YAH" as well. She loves "Gogs" a/k/a dogs and to "read" and play the "Wee" where she waits patiently for her turn with the controller on Friday nights. She asks where the big guys are all can hear her talking to herself "Biki....kool", "Dad- whrork" etc. She also calls the Bean "me" which makes for some interesting conversation decoding.


:o) mg said...

The other night at Mass, I couldn't believe how much she had grown since I had last seen her. You have such a beautiful family!

Enthusiasm said...

A she's a girl after my own heart with that karate chopping. You guys have a wii? Waaaaoow