Thursday, October 22, 2009

Allergen Hunter

Beanie was covered in rashes and hives last week so we took her off of dairy, eggs, peanuts, tomatoes, and artificial food coloring. The rash is gone now and hopefully we can bring some of this stuff back soon to see what the culprit is- I miss cooking with my favorite ingredients (no- not Red Dye #5).

Anyway, last night a small rash appeared on Biki, nothing close to what Beanie had and not out of the ordinary for Bik, but Beanie kept insisting that Dad and I look at it. So Bik showed it to P. who remarked, "Yup, looks like you have a rash." Biki's response: "YES! Now I don't have to eat eggs anymore!"

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South Paw said...

have you taken her to an allergist yet? you should test for all of those and then some like wheat/gluten, all tree nuts,shellfish,etc. it could be something really random