Sunday, April 5, 2009

Walking Time Bomb

Ok, I know my due date is wrong, but there's still something annoying about being overdue. I am really waddling right now and the constant Braxton Hicks slow me down quite a bit at times. This results in a lot of comments from passersby. Just a few since Friday:

- The "have you had the baby yet" phone calls. Or having to preface every phone call I make with a "No, I'm not in labor" as the voice on the other line gets overly excited when they realize its me.

-Cleaning lady at the hospital on Friday: "Honey when are you due?" as I walk into the loo. "Today!" I replied as I waddled in. After a few minutes I hear a voice outside the stall- "You ok? I didn't want to leave a lady alone who was overdue!!!" Mortifying.

- On the riverwalk the other day as I sauntered along "You gonna make it?"

-People at church asking me when I am due and having to reply either today, yesterday, or two days ago and then their eyes widen as they walk away. They seriously look at me like I am going to explode.

-Running into my doctor at church as I waddle to the confession line only to have him laugh and look at his watch. ARGH!! Yeah, yeah see you Wednesday.


:o) mg said...

You have been on my mind all day. I hope this finds you well. Know that even though I am soaking up the relaxing beach ions, you are in my prayers for patience and strength; and may a legion of God's beautiful angels to watch over you and the newest for a very safe delivery, whenever it happens.

Sara said...

oh Meg... I feel your pain... in fact, I have been thinking of calling you but haven't for fear of being one of those annoying calls. Just tell people you're not due until May, maybe they'll leave you alone. Sending love and prayers your way!!