Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trouble with R's

Let's face it...speech impediments are kind of cute. For some reason, all of my kids have one or another.

Conqueror: Mother=Mudder no matter how many times we have read it....It is always, "Are you my Mudder?"

Biki has one too. But by far Beanie's current problem is my favorite. For some reason she turns all "r's" into "l's". I thought "l" was hard for little kids to say....but no matter. So, now she has christened Grandma yet another name- "Glamma" which I am guessing is going to stick. She also says she's "hunglee" 800 times a day. We have a new Roly on our hands. "I hunglee mommy, I hunglee." It was also amusing to hear her "reading" herself "The very hunglee caterpillar" yesterday!


:o) mg said...

Number 4, who, at three years old, is reading (Iknowright?) has mastered the sounds that each letter makes and most of the consonant blends... However, for some strange reason, he has gotten the "v" and the "th" sounds confused along the way.
the = vah
vicki = thicki
Kids are silly.

South Paw said...

leally cute mudda. that is hilar b/c i often think Jofus is my Roly too b/c he is saying "i hunghee" all day long.