Monday, September 26, 2011

t-minus 2 to 4 days

Well, my due date ticker says 2 more days and there's an induction scheduled for Friday at 6am if baby doesn't show up for his or her personalized due date. Oh well, we shall see. It is weird actually thinking I might go into labor on my own in the next few days (I'm one for 4 on that concept so far). It makes for weird planning. I have a plan for the day with the constant caveat- I will do this, IF I don't have a baby. It is just a very weird season.

The momo is painfully aware of some big changes coming her way. She loves the baby and every night gives it hugs and snuggle buggles and a kiss from everyone in the family. Then she finishes her routine by sticking her head in front of my stomach and saying "I want you to come out!" She asks me all the time, "You hold me and the baby when the baby come out?" And I have to explain she will have her turn, can sit next to me, etc but I won't be able to hold them both in my arms at once. But she has taken her graduation to big girl very seriously. If you call her a baby, even in a nice way, she retorts, "I not a baby! I a big girl." And at night prayers during the litany of saints she often insists on saying "St. Big Girl, Pray for us." Indeed....we just might need the intercession of the patron saint of big girls around here.


Kathleen said...

So cute! Praying for you, Meg!

Jenny said...

You all are in my prayers! The new Big Girl gets a special prayer. :)