Monday, July 4, 2011

Fast Friday (because I am too busy for the real thing)

1. Toddler grammar never ceases to amuse me. Good thing too because it won't be letting up around here anytime soon. Momo's current favorites:
"Please you help me."
"Please you get me water."
"Get down me please."
and switching up "d's" and "b's" is the best. So "diaper" becomes "biaper" etc.

2. Speaking of Momo I am not sure if I have mentioned that she is obsessed with her dad. Literally. She follows him around when he's home, wants to know where he is all day, and is excited because "Daddy on vacation!" means she gets to see him.

3. I have pre-vacation OCD, and it isn't pretty. It is a real disease, just ask my husband.

1 comment:

Colet said...

My current little kid favorite is:
"Mommy, may you make me a sandwich"?

(it's corny, but it reminds me that serving these people is supposed to be a gift!)