Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rebel Mom

Can I make a confession?

I hate Vacation Bible Schools, and youth masses, and christian rock music too. I am not even sure how I feel about youth groups, although I know they are invaluable for some kids. I actually think I would love youth ministry because goodness knows I can get all fired up about stuff and I think kids appreciate authenticity. I just don't like certain approaches that I saw growing up. I don't know anything about my current parish youth group except that the people who run it love God immensely and are true servants of the Church. But I have to admit when the bulletin runs testimonials from youth conference attendees about being given "the gift of tears" I get really uncomfortable. I worry that there is a trend in youth ministry that relies too heavily on emotions and feelings.

Only since moving south have I realized how much of an "outcast" this makes me. Ok, I am not an outcast, but I certainly have a difference of opinion on this matter with many of my favorite faithful catholics. I always sort of demurred along the lines of "Oh Gee, it really isn't my style". But then I happened upon this article and it really bolstered me and made me more confident in my opinions. Read it.


And of course, in five years when I have a teenager he might be the next Michael W. Smith or something and I will have to eat my hat. But I can assure you that before then I will have introduced him to classical music and all sorts of modern music that is "appropriate"!


:o) mg said...

Just wanted to remind you that you are not alone on this. They are bent on searching for that (emotional) "mountain top experience" with God.... which is all well and good. But these kids also need to learn that there are only a few mountain tops.... the rest of the time we spend in the foothills and valleys.
Anyhoo... before I get both feet on this soapbox, I'll end by saying a really good youth group experience will teach kids how to persevere through all "terrain".

Jenny said...

That's too bad that some parishes' VBS are not quality. The one at our parish is great from what I hear. Just depends on the parish.

South Paw said...

SJA's is called the week of graces. It sounds like it's a good program thanks to Laura Pennefather. I saw Melissa S. a lot this week b/c she sent her kids to the program. It was great to see her; J & I had fun playing together.