Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Get well soon!

Dear Swagger Wagon,

You've been gone getting fixed for over two weeks. At first I really missed you because I hated the little Ford Explorer they had me driving. But then last week they told me to return the Explorer for another car. They gave me a black Suburban with leather seats. Leather!! (Did I mention there was dual climate control too and automatic seats?)

You know what? Now I feel guilty because I don't miss you as much. The kids all keep saying they don't miss you either. I fear you are being erased from our memory. Come home soon so we can repair our relationship. Don't worry, I know this is all temporary. Hopefully we'll have a nice long trip together to Michigan next week.

Till death or seven kids do we part!

1 comment:

:o) mg said...

Love my Yukon XL! Course, when it has a full tank of gas, it is a WMD.
Be safe.