Friday, July 3, 2009


  • I overheard the conqueror talking to the baby today and squeezing her chub, "Fat Mole! Fat Mole! You are a fat mole!" I think he was talking about about fat rolls, but either way she'll probably have a complex when she gets older. As will Beanie, formerly known as fatso friend and bean stean the fatso fiend.
  • We've added a new saint to our nightly dinner "pray for us" section. P. wanted to do St. John Vianney for the new year of the priest. Well, he pronounces it differently then I do with my STL "v-Ahn-eee". His is more like "V-ah-nee" with the last two syllables slurring together. So immediately Bean started laughing, "St. Beanie!!!"

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South Paw said...

God willing:)! Count on her godparents' prayers:).